Tuesday, April 28, 2015

28 April 2015 A.D. ROME: St. Paul in the 60s

28 April 2015 A.D. ROME: St. Paul in the 60s
Editors. “Paul in Rome in the sixties.” Anglican Church League. 27 Apr 2015. http://acl.asn.au/paul-in-rome-in-the-sixties/.  Accessed 27 Apr 2015.
Paul in Rome in the Sixties

“The book of Acts indicates that Paul was under ‘house arrest’ in Rome, most probably between 60-62.
Luke’s text suggests that Paul was then released, something First Timothy and Titus also imply.
Second Timothy, written from Rome, however indicates that Paul was soon to face execution. Presumably, this execution was at the decision of Nero Caesar following the Great Fire in 64.”
– Confused about the Apostle Paul’s final years in Rome? Read this fascinating new article by Bishop Paul Barnett to understand better what was going on.
Tip: You may want to first read his earlier piece, ‘Paul lived in Rome two whole years’. The Mysterious Ending of Luke-Acts.

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