Monday, September 28, 2015

28 September 2015 A.D. Jewel’s “Apology”—“…we have overthrown no kingdom…”, p.79

28 September 2015 A.D. Jewel’s “Apology”—“…we have overthrown no kingdom…”, p.79
Jewel, John. “The Apology of the Church of England.” Project Gutenberg. 5 Aug 2006. Accessed 1 Aug 2015.
We give our Lord God thanks, whose only cause this is, there hath yet at no time been any such example in all the realms, dominions, and commonweals, which have received the Gospel.  For we have overthrown no kingdom, we have decayed no man’s power or right, we have disordered no commonwealth.  There continue in their own accustomed state and ancient dignity, the kings of our country of England, the kings of Denmark, the kings of Sweden, the dukes of Saxony, the counts palatine, the marquesses of Brandenburg, the landgraves of Hesse, the commonwealth of the Helvetians and Rhætians, and the free cities, as Argentine, Basil, Frankfort, Ulm, Augusta, and Nuremberg; do all, I say, abide in the same authority and estate wherein they have been heretofore, or rather in a much better, for that by means of the Gospel they have their people more obedient unto them.  Let them go, I pray you, into those places where at this present through God’s goodness the Gospel is taught.  Where is there more majesty?  Where is there less arrogancy and tyranny?  Where be the prince more honoured?  Where is the people less unruly?  Where hath there at any time the commonwealth or the Church been in more quiet?  Perhaps ye will say, from the first beginning of this doctrine the common sort everywhere began to rage and to rise throughout Germany.  Allow it were so, yet Martin Luther, the publisher and etter forward of this doctrine, did write marvellous vehemently and sharply against them, and reclaimed them, home to peace and obedience.

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