Thursday, September 17, 2015

17 September 2015 A.D. Dr. James Innes Packer pathetic plea—“On Catechesis”

17 September 2015 A.D. Dr. James Innes Packer pathetic plea—“On Catechesis”
In another of several intimate interviews done during his recent visit to the campus of Trinity School for Ministry; renowned author, speaker, and Theological teacher--the Reverend Dr. J.I. Packer--chooses some choice comments on Catechesis with a catechetical colleague, the Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett--Director of the Robert E. Webber Center at the school. The interview was recorded on Jan 17th, 2014.
An entirely pathetic interview wherein Jim begs for catechesis in, apparently, Anglican contexts. It's pathetic because he laments loss of catechesis for over 100 years. Pity poor Anglicans. We'd have to agree with him. But it is telling--he never mentions those Presbyterian and Lutheran contexts where catechesis has continued TO THIS DAY. PATHETIC. Some of us had to memorize the WSC. Others, the HC in the Reformed contexts. The ACNA has produced some "new" catechism which, I doubt, will get off the ground. Poor Jim mentions NOTHING about the WSC, WLC, or HC. He gets in a mention of Nowell's Catechism which hasn't seen the light of day for decades. This interview reflects the PATHETIC condition of catechetical work in English, Canadian, and American Anglican contexts. The pathos is AGGRAVATED by watching an elderly man begging for catechesis—a pitch to Anglican leaders who themselves were never catechetized. Just PATHETIC.

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