Friday, July 10, 2020

Dr. Matthew Everhard: Love God with All Your Mind (#2)--Revelation, p.19ff.

History & Character of Calvinism: J.T. McNeill (#8)--Chapter 3: Zwingli ...

Sola Scriptura in 1523 in Zurich.

Pope Adrian: "Can we bribe this fella, Zwingli?"

Zwingli: "Nope, sorry old Boy."

Character Sketches (#17): "Courage:" Jonathan (1 Sam 14)

Criminal Law, Perkins & Boyce (#5): Law of Homocide--Felony-Murder & New...

John Calvin: Commentary on Genesis (#22): Genesis 2.23-3.24

Laud's Trial (#1): Introduction

Leviticus: Andrew Bonar (#5): Meat-Offering (Ch.1)--Leviticus 2

A top-tier volume that, rightly, sees the Gospel in Leviticus.

Practical theology: Leviticus needs much more visibility as the expression of the gracious covenant of salvation.

The churches have apostasized from these considerations and corrections are necessary.

Thank you, Rev. Bonar.