Monday, October 5, 2015

5 October 2015 A.D. Jewel’s “Apology”— False teachers wear camouflaged cloaks of apparent truth: “Arians…bragged that they alone were Catholics..."

5 October 2015 A.D. Jewel’s “Apology”— False teachers wear camouflaged cloaks of apparent truth: “Arians…bragged that they alone were Catholics, calling the rest Ambrosians and Athanasians…Nestorius covered himself with the cloak and color of truth…”  p. 90-91
Jewel, John. “The Apology of the Church of England.” Project Gutenberg. 5 Aug 2006. Accessed 1 Aug 2015.
Thus with a gay and jolly show deceive they the simple, and seek to choke us with the very name of the Church.  Much like as if a thief, when he had gotten into another man’s house, and by violence either hath thrust out or slain the owner, should afterward assign the same house to himself, casting forth of possession the right inheritor; or if Anti-Christ, when he had once entered into “the temple of God,” should afterward say, “This house is mine own, and Christ hath nothing to do withal.”  For these men now, after they have left nothing remaining in the Church of God that hath any likeness of this Church, yet will they seem the patrons and valiant maintainers of the Church, very like as Gracchus amongst the Romans stood in defence of the treasury, notwithstanding with his prodigality and fond expenses he had utterly wasted the whole stock of the treasury.  And yet was there never anything so wicked, or so far out of reason, but lightly it might be covered and defended by the name of the Church.  For the wasps also make honey-combs as well as bees, and wicked men have companies like to the Church of God: yet, for all that, “they be not straightway the people of God which are called the people of God; neither be they all Israelites as many as are come of Israel the father.”  The Arians, notwithstanding they were heretics, yet bragged they that they alone were Catholics, calling all the rest now Ambrosians, now Athanasians, now Johannites.  And Nestorius, as saith Theodoret, for all that he was an heretic, yet covered he himself της οροδοξιας προσχηματι: that is, to wit, with a certain cloak and colour of the true and right faith.  Ebion, though he agreed in opinion with the Samaritans, yet, as saith Epiphanius, he would needs be called a Christian.  The Mahometists at this day, for all that all histories make plain mention, and themselves also cannot deny, but they took their first beginning of “Agar the bond-woman,” yet for the very name and stock’s sake, chose they rather to be called Saracens, as though they came of “Sarah the free woman, and Abraham’s wife.”

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