Saturday, September 5, 2015

5 September 2015 A.D. Jewel’s “Apology”—“Vain and superfluous ceremonies,” p.50

5 September 2015 A.D. Jewel’s “Apology”—“Vain and superfluous ceremonies,” p.50
Jewel, John. “The Apology of the Church of England.” Project Gutenberg. 5 Aug 2006. Accessed 1 Aug 2015.
As touching the multitude of vain and superfluous ceremonies, we know that Augustine did grievously complain of them in his own time: and therefore have we cut off a great number of them, because we know that men’s consciences were cumbered about them, and the churches of God overladen with them.

Nevertheless we keep still, and esteem, not only those ceremonies which we are sure were delivered us from the Apostles, but some others too besides, which we thought might be suffered without hurt to the Church of God: because that we had a desire that all things in the holy congregation might (as St. Paul commandeth) “be done with comeliness and in good order.”  But as for all those things which we saw were either very superstitious, or wholly unprofitable, or noisome, or mockeries, or contrary to the Holy Scriptures, or else unseemly for honest or discreet folks, as there be an infinite number nowadays where papistry is used; these, I say, we have utterly refused without all manner exception, because we would not have the right worshipping of God any longer denied with such follies.

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