Friday, September 4, 2015

4 September 2015 A.D. 6th of 39 Articles—Bible Preface

4 September 2015 A.D. 6th of 39 Articles—Bible Preface
Jones, Thomas R. “An Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles.” NewScriptorium. N.d. Accessed 7 Jun 2015.
An Exposition of the Thirty Nine Articles, By the Reformers: Extracts carefully and fully selected from the Works of Latimer, Ridley, Cranmer, Hooper, Jewel, Philpot, Pilkington, Coverdale, Becon, Bradford, Sandys, Grindal, Whitgift, Etc.
      Bible Preface – “‘All the whole Scripture,’ saith the holy apostle St. Paul, inspired from God alone, ‘is profitable to teach, to reprove, to reform, to instruct in righteousness.’  &c. Search, therefore, good reader, (on God’s name) as Christ biddeth thee, the Holy Scripture, wherein thou mayest find thy salvation.  Though many things may be difficult to thee to understand, impute it rather to thy dull hearing and reading, than to think that the Scriptures be insuperable to them, which, with diligent searching, labour to discern the evil from the good. ... Christ himself will open the sense of the Scriptures, not to the proud, or to the wise of the world, but to the lowly and contrite in heart.”

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