Thursday, September 17, 2015

17 September 2015 A.D. Jewel’s “Apology”—bishop of Rome calls English Reformers “wicked and ungodly men,” pp.65-66

17 September 2015 A.D. Jewel’s “Apology”—bishop of Rome calls English Reformers “wicked and ungodly men,” pp.65-66
Jewel, John. “The Apology of the Church of England.” Project Gutenberg. 5 Aug 2006. Accessed 1 Aug 2015.
But this is the most grievous and heavy case, that they call us wicked and ungodly men, and say we have thrown away all care of religion.  Though this ought not to trouble us much, whilst they themselves that thus have charged us know full well how spiteful and false a saying it is: for Justin the martyr is a witness, how that all Christians were called αθεοι, that is, godless, as soon as the Gospel first began to be published, and the Name of Christ to be openly declared.  And when Polycarpus stood to be judged, the people stirred up the president to slay and murder all them which professed the Gospel, with these words, Αιρε τους αθεους, that is to say, “Rid out of the way these wicked and godless creatures.”  And this was not because it was true that the Christians were godless, but because they would not worship stones and stocks which were then honoured as God.  The whole world seeth plainly enough already, what we and ours have endured at these men’s hands for religion and our only God’s cause.  They have thrown us into prison, into water, into fire, and imbrued themselves in our blood: not because we were either adulterers, or robbers, or murderers, but only for that we confessed the Gospel of Jesu Christ, and put our confidence in the living God; and for that we complained too justly and truly (Lord, thou knowest), that they did break the law of God for their own most vain traditions; and that our adversaries were the very foes to the Gospel, and enemies to Christ’s Cross, who so wittingly and willingly did obstinately despise God’s commandments.

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