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28 April 1553. LONDON: “Operation Game On!” Continuing deterioration of health in King Edward VI.

28 April 1553. LONDON: “Operation Game On!” Continuing deterioration of health in King Edward VI.
There appears to have been a virtual 6-month health watch/death watch on King Edward VI—as he declined. By June 1533, things looked bad. By June 1533, Northumberland and even Dr. Cranmer would implicate themselves in an effort to alter Henry VIII’s will of succession to keep Mary out and bring in Lady Jane Grey as the lawful successor to Edward VI. Dr. Cranmer is reluctant to enter that plan, but upon the urging of the dying King, Cranmer signs the “device” of alteration. More on that later, but for now: a note in the saga of the death watch.
Claire. “6 July 1553—Death of Edward VI.” The Anne Boleyn Files. 6 Jul 2011. http://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/6-july-1553-death-of-edward-vi/. Accessed 15 Apr 2015.
There was hope in April when the King was well enough to go out “in his park at Westminster of late”, although Scheyfve writes that his doctors and physicians “still observe him strictly, especially his diet”, but this hope was short-lived as Scheyfve reported to the Emperor on the 28th April:-
“The King withdrew to Greenwich a few days ago. There seems to be no improvement in his condition, and he has only shown himself once, in the gardens, the day after his arrival. I hear from a trustworthy source that the King is undoubtedly becoming weaker as time passes, and wasting away. The matter he ejects from his mouth is sometimes coloured a greenish yellow and black, sometimes pink, like the colour of blood. His doctors and physicians are perplexed and do not know what to make of it. They feel sure that the King has no chance of recovery unless his health improves during the next month.”

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