Saturday, April 25, 2015

25 April 1599 A.D. HUNTINGTON, ENG: Oliver Cromwell Born

25 April 1599 A.D. HUNTINGTON, ENG: Oliver Cromwell Born

Oliver Cromwell (1599 to 1658)


Puritan Lord Protector.

Oliver Cromwell was born at Huntingdon, England. He underwent a conversion experience at age 28, becoming a Puritan. Between 1642 and 1660 England experienced civil war and religious strife. Cromwell distinguished himself as a commander in the eastern part of England at the onset of the war and played a prominent part in Parliamentarian victories in 1644 and 1645. He became the most notable military leader in the English civil war and "Lord Protector" of England from 1653 to his death. Cromwell disliked both the rigid "Presbyterianism" of the Parliamentary majority and the old rule of the bishops. Cromwell made three significant contributions to English history. First, he established a period of peace in England, Scotland and Ireland after ten years of civil strife. Second, he made England into an acknowledged world power. Third, Cromwell established non-conformity (refusal to submit to the established church) as a way of life in England which has lasted to the present. Cromwell also added negatives to our history books. He achieved the execution of King Charles I and allowed his troops to inflict atrocities on Ireland.

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